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Who is Robert Ellis Silberstein?

Being the ex of the famous Diana Ross, Robert Ellis Silberstein is a notable individual in the music business. He turned out to be notable as a music chief and business magnate back in the energizing 1970s music scene.

Silberstein’s influence extended far and wide as he not only managed Diana Ross but also served as the musical director for several other esteemed artists of the era. His client roster reads like a who’s who of the music scene, including Rufus, the powerhouse vocals of Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday), Ronnie Wood of English rock fame, the soulful stylings of Billy Preston, Chaka Khan, and even the iconic English rock band Status Quo, among many others.

Even outside of his career pursuits, Silberstein is still a fascinating person with a lot of fascinating aspects to his life. His story offers a distinct viewpoint on a period that still influences music now, as it coincides with the ascent of some of the most significant artists of the day.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Biography

In 1946, Robert Ellis Silberstein was brought into the world in the rich Elberon, New Jersey region. In view of his family’s riches, he was naturally introduced to a universe of solace and security and was not presented to the brutal real factors of monetary difficulty. His parents were prosperous Jewish clothing manufacturers who gave him every advantage possible so that the young Silberstein could concentrate on his studies and goals without having to worry about money.

Silberstein’s future endeavors were well-founded by his upbringing in an affluent milieu. He developed his abilities and made contacts that would be crucial to his future profession because he had the freedom to follow his interests without restrictions. His destiny was clearly shaped by this early privilege, which put him on the path to become a well-known personality in the music industry.

Silberstein’s success in the competitive entertainment management industry can be attributed to his keen business acumen and youthful talent detection abilities. His early experiences gave him invaluable insights that shaped how he built and progressed the careers of some of the biggest names in music.

Robert Ellis Silberstein  Wiki

BirthdayJanuary 5, 1946
NationalityAmerican, Jewish
Robert Ellis Silberstein net worth$50 million
Also known asBob Ellis
EducationWest Virginia University
Occupation and careerMusic Executive and Businessman
Robert Ellis Silberstein Age73 Years
Sun signCapricorn
Born inElberon, Long Branch, New Jersey
Spouse/ExDiana Ross
ChildrenTracee Ellis Ross, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, and Chudney Ross 

Robert Ellis Silberstein Age

On January 5, 1946, in the pleasant town of Elberon, New Jersey, Robert Ellis Silberstein appeared on the scene, proclaiming the start of a daily existence bound to exceed all expectations sooner or later. Presently, at 78 years of age, he remains as a living demonstration of the rich embroidery of encounters he’s accumulated throughout the long term. From his earliest days, there was a feeling of commitment and potential encompassing him, a flash that would light an excursion loaded up with surprising accomplishments.

As the years progressed, Silberstein has explored life’s promising and less promising times with beauty, making a permanent imprint on everybody he’s experienced en route. From humble starting points in New Jersey to the astonishing levels of progress in media outlets, his way has been cleared with versatility, assurance, and an unflinching obligation to greatness.

As he keeps on setting out on life’s experiences, Silberstein’s inheritance fills in as a reference point of motivation for all who hope against hope. His story advises us that with commitment and tirelessness, the sky is the limit, and that genuine progress is estimated by riches or popularity, yet by the enduring effect we leave on the world and the lives we contact.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Height

At a mere 5 feet 8 inches tall, Diana Ross’s first husband exudes an enormous presence. A peek of his gorgeous eyes will reveal a deep, alluring shade of dark brown that belies his profound experiences and wisdom. His hair has developed a distinctive grey color over time, which contributes to his impression of maturity and sophistication.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Education

Robert Ellis Silberstein did not simply finish his degree program at West Virginia University; he went on to assume a new position as an instructor there as well. For him, this was more than simply a work; it was a passion. He was a firm believer in the value of information sharing and the power of knowledge.

Silberstein’s experiences at WVU, both as a student and a teacher, will never fade. The knowledge and relationships he gained during those early years would come in very handy when he forged his career in the music business. His academic experiences shaped him into the successful music executive and businessman he would eventually become, and they also created a strong foundation for his future triumphs.

Robert Ellis Silberstein  Personal life

Silberstein’s union with Diana Ross was a critical section in his life, crossing from 1971 to 1977. Together, they shared the delight of life as a parent, inviting two girls into the world: Tracee Ellis Ross and Chudney Ross.

Yet, their family wasn’t simply restricted to their natural youngsters. Diana Ross had a little girl, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, from a past relationship with Motown pioneer Berry Gordy. Curiously, Rhonda was conceived only a couple of months after Silberstein and Ross sealed the deal. Regardless of the timing, Silberstein embraced Rhonda as his own girl, purposely deciding to take on her and completely coordinating her into their caring nuclear family.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Marriage to Diana Ross

Robert Ellis Silberstein has had a remarkable excursion, both in business and in his own life. His relationship with famous vocalist Diana Ross was a tornado sentiment that caught the creative mind of a large number. They became hopelessly enamored in November 1970 and burned through no time in making it official, securing the bunch only two months after the fact in January 1971.

Their romantic tale before long invited two wonderful increments: Tracee Ellis Ross, brought into the world in 1972, and Chudney Path, brought into the world in 1975. In any case, regardless of their underlying bliss, the kinds of acclaim and the requests of their particular professions at last caused significant damage. In 1977, they sought after the hard choice to go out this way and that, but they remained dear associates.

Diana Ross, brought into the world in Detroit in 1944, has had a fantastic calling that has navigated numerous years. From her underlying days with The Supremes to her productive exhibition occupation, she’s made an extremely durable engraving on the music business. Her honors incorporate 12 Grammy selections, a Grammy Lifetime Accomplishment Grant, and acknowledgment as one of the best dance specialists ever.

Silberstein might have left the spotlight after his separation, yet his effect on Diana’s life and the existences of her kids is evident. Close by his own girls, Tracee and Chudney, he embraced Diana’s different kids as his own, including Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Evan Ross Næss, and Ross Næss.

Rhonda, the most established of Diana’s youngsters, found her natural dad was Motown organizer Berry Gordy when she was a teen. Silberstein, knowing this reality, actually raised her as his own with adoration and care.

After his separation from Diana, Silberstein hasn’t sought after new close connections. All things considered, he finds satisfaction in the adoration he imparts to his youngsters and stepchildren. It’s a demonstration of the getting through bonds he’s worked all through his life, even despite difficulties and changes.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Children 

The union of Robert Ellis Silberstein and Diana Ross produced two extraordinarily gifted daughters who have made their own names for themselves in the entertainment business. Born in 1972, Tracee Ellis Ross followed her mother’s acting profession, carrying on her enthusiasm for performing. She has received praise for her performances in a number of television series and motion pictures due to her compelling charisma and magnetic personality.

Conversely, Chudney Ross, who was born in 1975, found her passion in the background and established herself as a production manager and producer. Even while she might not receive as much attention as her sister, she has made just as much of an impact on the industry. Every successful project has a talented and committed team behind it, and Chudney is essential to realizing imaginative concepts.

Their successful achievements are evidence of their parents’ legacy’s continuing effect. With the glitter and glamour of show business all around them as children, Tracee and Chudney were motivated to follow their dreams and leave their imprint. Their accomplishments celebrate the legacy of their family and highlight the enduring appeal of creativity and storytelling within the Ross-Silberstein dynasty.

Robert Ellis Silberstein & Diana Ross Divorce

Notwithstanding the famous sentiment between Diana Ross and Berry Gordy, Diana Ross eventually decided to marry Robert Ellis Silberstein. Their shared enthusiasm for the music business, which went beyond their romantic connections, bolstered their friendship. On January 20, 1971, they made the decision to get married in a blur of barely two months. But in spite of their fast-paced courtship and experiences together, their marriage was short-lived, ending in divorce on March 9, 1977.

Their marriage’s breakdown didn’t end in obscurity. It made headlines, particularly when Silberstein revealed his dejection in interviews following their breakup, revealing the emotional toll it had on him. Their tale serves as a moving reminder of the difficulties in love, particularly when it comes to the harsh spotlight of Celebrity. Despite their early connection and common love of music, their partnership was unable to withstand the ups and downs that came with stardom.

Their story serves as a sad reminder that actual human emotions are at play beneath the glamour and sparkle of celebrity life. All the grandeur in the world won’t be able to save love; expectations and scrutiny can bring even the most seemingly perfect marriages to an end.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Career

Silberstein began teaching at West Virginia University after completing his degree program there. But things took a turn for the worst when he had a falling out with the principal of the school, which forced him to quit. Unfazed, he focused on a different goal: the music business.

Silberstein made a brilliant move by going into music management. He has supported a great group of musicians throughout the years, including Rufus, Billy Preston, Meat Loaf, Chaka Khan, Ronnie Wood, and his ex-wife Diana Ross. His ability to recognize brilliance and develop artists helped launch numerous successful careers.

Silberstein’s spirit of entrepreneurship, however, continued. He also dabbled in the real estate market, demonstrating his adaptability and desire to be successful across a range of sectors. His career path, which he carved out for himself, is a monument to his adaptability and persistence, having taken him from academics to the music industry to the real estate industry.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Career Journey in California

Robert Ellis Silberstein left behind the lingering effects of a falling out with his principal and headed for California, seeking hopes for a better future. Even after the disappointment, he entered the Golden State’s thriving entertainment industry with a fiery desire. With youth on his side, a voracious appetite for achievement, and the means to support it, he threw himself into the maelstrom of possibilities that lay ahead of him.

Silberstein’s talents were able to fully blossom in California. In the midst of Hollywood’s flash and glamour, he did not take long to leave his mark. Shading shoulders with the likes of Diana Ross, Billy Preston, Rufus, Meat Loaf, Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, and Status Quo, he swiftly established himself as a major player in the business.

Silberstein’s ability to see potential and turn it into fortune reached unprecedented heights in the City of Angels. His persistent quest for achievement and acute sense of potential made him a beacon of hope for young musicians, guiding them through the often perilous waters of the music industry. Many performers have benefited from and had their careers launched by his astute advice and tireless dedication.

For Silberstein, California served as more than simply a backdrop; it was here that he solidified his reputation as the giant of music management. His tenure in the Sunshine State served as evidence of his tenacity, fervor, and steadfast dedication to greatness in a field that values originality and ingenuity.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Net Worth

Robert Ellis Silberstein has an amazing net worth estimated at $50 million USD, a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft. It’s evidence of years of assiduity, astute judgment, and an acute sense of commercial possibilities. At the age of 78, he is now in a situation where he is free from financial concerns.

Silberstein’s considerable wealth allows him the unrestricted ability to follow his passions. He is able to travel comfortably and easily, whether it is to travel to far-off places, invest in new businesses that pique his interest, or just spend time with those he loves.

Even while he might decide to continue working in the entertainment sector out of passion rather than necessity, the freedom to pursue new interests and experiences whenever he pleases is what makes this arrangement so beautiful. At this point in his life, he can fully enjoy the benefits of financial independence since he has worked hard to build a life where every day is full with opportunities and fulfillment.

Robert Ellis Silberstein’s Impact on the Music Industry

Names like Billy Preston, Diana Ross, Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, Rufus, Meat Loaf, and Status Quo are practically synonymous with fame and success, and a huge part of that credit goes to their manager extraordinaire, Robert Ellis Silberstein. As a star manager, Silberstein didn’t just ride the wave of their talent; he helped create it. With his sharp eye for spotting potential and his knack for strategic management, he transformed these artists into household icons, shaping the very landscape of the music industry.

But Robert Ellis Silberstein is much more than the gloss and glamour of his career. He started his adventure at West Virginia University, where he established the groundwork for his success in the future. Not to mention his personal life, which is entwined with the illustrious Diana Ross. This couple gave birth to three amazing children, each of whom has had a lasting impact on society: Chadney Ross, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, and Tracee Ellis Ross.

January 5, 1946, saw the birth of Silberstein in Elberon, Long Branch, New Jersey. His life narrative is one of commitment, impact, and a strong love of music. His journey from modest beginnings to become a well-known music executive and businessman is proof of the strength of tenacity and the long-lasting influence one individual can have on a whole industry.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Ethnicity

Born in Elberon, New Jersey, Robert Ellis Silberstein passionately claims American identity despite his Irish heritage. His life’s adventure has brought him to many parts of the country, from the bright beaches of California to the busy streets of New York and the serene environs of Connecticut. Silberstein’s varied fabric of identity is woven together by his unwavering commitment to his native country despite his travels and experiences.


  • Birth and Early Life: Brought into the world on January 5, 1946, in Elberon, New Jersey, Robert Ellis Silberstein was raised in a well off Jewish family drew in with dress collecting.
  • Education: He went to West Virginia School, where he completed his authentication as well as worked as a teacher, highlighting his energy for preparing.
  • Association with Diana Ross: Silberstein married Diana Ross in 1971, and together they had two young ladies, Tracee Ellis Ross and Chudney Ross. He similarly embraced Ross’ daughter from a past relationship, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, as his own.
  • Music The board Vocation: Silberstein became famous as a music leader and money manager, overseeing remarkable craftsmen, for example, Diana Ross, Rufus, Meat Portion, Billy Preston, Chaka Khan, Ronnie Wood, and The norm.
  • Entrepreneurship: Past music the board, Silberstein wandered into land, displaying his flexibility and longing for progress across different enterprises.
  • Total assets: His assessed total assets is $50 million USD, a demonstration of his diligent effort and fruitful vocation.
  • Legacy: Silberstein’s effect on the music business is critical, having formed the professions of various notorious specialists and leaving an enduring engraving on the business.


Robert Ellis Silberstein, brought into the world in 1946, is an eminent music chief and financial specialist. Brought up in a rich Jewish family in New Jersey, he sought after training at West Virginia College prior to wandering into the music business. His union with Diana Ross and the board of different craftsmen hardened his standing in the amusement world. Past music, he investigated business venture in land, storing up a significant total assets. Silberstein’s heritage is set apart by his significant effect on the music business and his getting through influence on the professions of various craftsmen.


1. Who is Robert Ellis Silberstein?

Robert Ellis Silberstein is an unquestionable music pioneer and money related master known for managing experts like Diana Ross, Rufus, Meat Piece, and Chaka Khan during the 1970s music scene.

2. What is Robert Ellis Silberstein’s finished assets?

His assessed total assets is $50 million USD, mirroring his effective profession in the music business and business venture in land.

3. Who are Robert Ellis Silberstein’s youngsters?

He has two young ladies with Diana Ross: Tracee Ellis Ross and Chudney Ross. He moreover embraced Ross’ young lady from a past relationship, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, as his own.

4. What is Robert Ellis Silberstein’s instructive foundation?

He went to West Virginia College, where he finished his certificate and functioned as an educator, showing his energy for schooling.

5. What is Robert Ellis Silberstein’s heritage in the music business?

Silberstein’s heritage is described by his critical effect on the professions of different famous craftsmen, molding the scene of the music business during the 1970s and then some.

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