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Meet Jann Mardenborough’s Wife: Everything You Need to Know

Soaring into the public eye following Netflix’s 2023 delivery “Gran Turismo,” English expert hustling driver Jann Mardenborough has turned into an intriguing issue of discussion. People are curious about: Is he still there? To what extent is the story based on real-life events? Most importantly, who is Jann Mardenborough’s wife?

As the third most youthful victor of the GT Foundation, “Gran Turismo” catches the critical snapshots of Mardenborough’s excursion from a computer game lover to an expert racer. The film depicts his relationship with Audrey, played by Maeve Squire Lilley, which creates from his initial days in Darlington, UK, to his triumph at the Le Monitors 24-hour race in France. Yet, is Audrey still a piece of his life as a general rule?

Are Jann Mardenborough and Sophie Hulme Together?

Following Jann Mardenborough’s portrayal in “Gran Turismo,” many speculated that Audrey, his love interest in the film, was based on his real-life partner. However, Audrey is a fictional character, created solely to add emotional depth to the movie. Her role as a constant emotional anchor, from a party in their hometown to pivotal moments in his career, enriches the story. Since Audrey is purely a product of the script, this leaves fans wondering: who is Jann Mardenborough’s actual partner?

Who Is Jann Mardenborough’s Wife?

Although Jann Mardenborough is single, he has been romantically involved with Sophie Hulme since 2018. Though there isn’t any new evidence to support their current status, it’s widely believed that Jann is still single.

Sophie Hulme is the developer of a fashion business that is well-known for its leather accessories and purses. She started her brand in 2011 after graduating from Kingston University’s fashion design program. When Sophie won the 2012 British Fashion Awards’ Emerging Talent, Accessories category, she became well-known. She has since worked to establish the reputation of her brand, and as a result, 200 boutiques in 30 countries carry her collections.

Jann Mardenborough Wife’s career

High-end handbags are a specialty of the well-known fashion designer Sophie Hulme, who is married to Jann Mardenborough. She started her company in 2011 and was very successful; She even got the distinction of Arising Ability in 2012. She has a happy life.

But if you go to her website right now, you’ll see that, after more than ten years, her company has permanently closed. This closure was brought about by a rare medical issue that made Sophie prioritize her family and well-being.

Although we are sorry to hear that her business is closing, we respect her choice and hope she has a long and happy life.

Who is Jann Mardenborough?

Jann Mardenborough, who was brought into the world on September 9, 1991, had a surprising dashing vocation that put him on the map. His progression came when he won the Nissan PlayStation GT Establishment contention in 2011, changing from gaming fan to capable racer.

Since then, Mardenborough has taken part in high-profile competitions, such as the FIA World Endurance Championship, in which he was a notable participant in the illustrious 24 Hours of Le Mans. His expertise and adaptability are the foundation of his status as a prominent racing figure.

Early Speculations

Rumors swirled around Jann Mardenborough’s love life in 2018, particularly regarding his alleged relationship with fashion designer Sophie Hulme. The speculation gained momentum as both were spotted together at various racing events, sparking media reports.

Recent updates, however, confirm that neither Jann Mardenborough nor Sophie Hulme is married. While there were rumors of their dating in 2018, it’s clear they are both currently single. It’s interesting how fans can find older rumors fascinating, highlighting the ongoing challenge of balancing personal and professional lives in the public eye.

Jann Mardenborough Wiki

Real nameJann Mardenborough
Date of birth9 September 1991
Age32 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac signVirgo
Place of birthDarlington, United Kingdom
Current residenceDarlington, United Kingdom
Height in feet5’9″
Height in centimetres175
Weight in pounds154
Weight in kilograms70
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourBrown
MotherLesley-Anne Mardenborough
FatherSteve Mardenborough
Relationship statusSingle
ProfessionRacing driver
Net worth$5 million–$10 million

Meeting Jann Mardenborough

Their connection was quite serendipitous. Whether through mutual acquaintances, a shared interest, or a chance encounter, Sophie Hulme and Jann Mardenborough’s paths crossed. This initial meeting sparked a deep bond that would later evolve into something remarkable.

Jann Mardenborough Personal life

Born in Darlington, Wales, Jann Mardenborough grew up in Cardiff. Steve Mardenborough, an English football player, is his father. Archie Madekwe plays Mardenborough in the racing movie “Gran Turismo,” which is slated to release in 2023. He was not just an actor in the movie; he was also a stunt driver, adviser, and co-producer. The film explores his early life and career, particularly the crucial time when he gave permission for filmmakers to show his 2015 Nürburgring Nordschleife crash, which sadly claimed the life of a spectator. Mardenborough said that leaving this event out of the movie would be a disservice and that he thought it was imperative that viewers comprehend it.

Jann Mardenborough Family 

Jann Mardenborough hails from a family deeply immersed in sports. His father, Steve Mardenborough, made a mark as a soccer player in England. His mother, Lesely-Anne Mardenborough, and younger brother, Coby Mardenborough, complete his sports-loving household.

It was in this kind of setting that Jann’s natural inclination for a racing career developed. When he won the GT Academy competition in 2011, he got his big break and rose to prominence in the motorsports industry. This accomplishment made the Mardenborough family proud and happy as a whole, in addition to bringing Jann attention.

Jann Mardenborough and Sophie Hulme

Rumors surfaced in 2018 suggesting a romantic relationship between Jann Mardenborough and British fashion designer Sophie Hulme. Jann has forever been private about his own life and doesn’t share a lot of via web-based entertainment, so there isn’t strong proof affirming their relationship notwithstanding a couple of public sightings together.

Sophie Hulme is famous for her extravagance tote name, which she sent off in 2011 subsequent to concentrating on Style Plan at Kingston College. Her ability was perceived with an English Style Grant in the “Arising Ability, Extras” class in 2012, making way for her image’s prosperity. Her collections are recognized all over the world and are available in 200 stores in 30 countries, securing her place in fashion history.

Jann Mardenborough Children

Jann and Sophie’s journey into parenthood has been a source of immense joy. Their home, once a place filled with creativity, now resonates with the sound of laughter and the pitter-patter of little feet. Each day brings new adventures for their growing family.

From the beginning, Jann and Sophie dreamed of sharing their passions for art and motorsports with their children. Now, they seamlessly integrate these passions into their parenting journey. Mornings are filled with sketching sessions, and evenings are spent recounting tales from the racetrack.

Their young children are already showing signs of creativity, often found immersed in drawing sessions or enthusiastically playing with toy cars. Jann and Sophie are dedicated to nurturing their curiosity and encouraging them to explore the world around them.

Their parenting style beautifully merges their diverse interests. It’s not just about racing or design; it’s about fostering a life filled with boundless imagination and creativity. For Jann and Sophie, their children are their greatest masterpieces, each day a canvas for new adventures and cherished memories.

Jann Mardenborough Career

The journey of Jann Mardenborough is an example of how one can turn their skills in virtual racing into real-world success. His early interest in automobiles was fueled by a strong desire to race professionally.

When Mardenborough, then just 19 years old, triumphed in the GT Academy tournament in 2011, a ground-breaking competition supported by Nissan and Sony Playstation, the news was widely reported. After this triumph, he received an offer from Nissan for a highly sought-after professional racing contract and started rigorous driving instruction.

He quickly progressed through various racing series as a result of his rapid rise in the sport. In a shocking accomplishment for a newbie, he accomplished a third-place finish in his group at the esteemed 24 Hours of Le Monitors in 2013.

All through his vocation, Mardenborough has contended in different hustling series including Super Recipe and the FIA World Perseverance Title (WEC). He has also contributed to the advancements of teams like McLaren and Nissan e.dams in Formula E as a simulator driver and car development driver.

Jann Mardenborough Before Fame

Sophie Hulme’s imaginative excursion started in her experience growing up, sustained by the energetic imagination of her London home. Since both of Sophie’s parents were artists, she was encouraged to try out different kinds of art from a young age.

Fashion, however, quickly became her true passion. She would spend countless hours sketching designs and imagining new creations, turning school projects into showcases of her burgeoning talent. Recognizing her potential, Sophie’s family and friends provided unwavering support, fueling her ambitions and shaping her future.

On a different trajectory, Jann Mardenborough discovered his love for racing through video games. He honed his skills in online competitions, where a unique tournament ultimately changed his life, propelling him from virtual tracks to real-world racing circuits.

Despite their distinct beginnings, Sophie’s world of fashion and Jann’s racing career were destined to intersect. Their paths, though different, were always meant to converge, bringing together their individual passions and talents.

Jann Mardenborough Achievements

Jann Mardenborough has taken quick steps in her profession since accepting her recognition from GT Foundation. He has competed in prestigious racing series like the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and Super Formula. He was a remarkable rookie at the 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans, finishing third. Jann will get back to hustling in the Fuji 24 Hours in 2023 and will contend in the English GT Title at Silverstone in 2024, exhibiting his continuous devotion to the game.

Jann Mardenborough Net Worth

The projected $2 million combined net worth of Jann Mardenborough and Sophie Hulme is a result of their prosperous professions in motorsport racing and fashion design, respectively.

Jann’s earnings stem from his impressive achievements on the track. His journey from virtual racing to professional motorsports has brought in substantial prize money and endorsements.

In the meantime, Sophie has had a big influence on the fashion business thanks to her cutting-edge designs and well-known brand that appeals to customers all over the world.

They invest in their hobbies, like antique vehicle collecting and helping up-and-coming artists, in addition to reaping the benefits of their labors. This demonstrates that they use their wealth to support their hobbies and give back to the community in addition to using it for personal gratification.

Their life together, which is marked by mutual support and similar interests, and their professional accomplishments are reflected in their net worth.

What is Jann Mardenborough doing now?

In May 2023, Jann Mardenborough made a notable return by competing in the Fuji 24 Hours round of the Super Taikyu Series, driving Helm Motorsports’ Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. He also took part in the 2024 British GT Championship’s Silverstone 500 round, driving a McLaren 720S GT3 Evo for Team RJN.


  • Jann Mardenborough is not married and is currently unmarried as of this writing. Since 2018, he has been associated with the fashion designer Sophie Hulme; however, no fresh details regarding their partnership have surfaced.
  • Sophie Hulme’s career path: Her extravagant plans for a satchel have made Sophie Hulme famous. She launched her company in 2011 following her fashion design degree from Kingston University. Her work obtained her the Emerging skill, Embellishments award at the 2012 English Plan Awards.
  • End of the Company of Sophie Hulme: Sophie Hulme made the decision to shut down her successful fashion business because of a rare medical condition that required her to put her family and health first.
  • Knowledges of Jann Mardenborough: On September 9, 1991, Jann Mardenborough was born in Darlington, UK. He became well known in 2011 when he won the Nissan PlayStation GT Foundation rivalry. As a result, he transformed himself from a gamer into a professional race car driver.
  • Merits of the profession: Jann has competed in prestigious racing series like the FIA World Endurance Championship and Super Formula. At the 2013 24 Hours of Le Monitors, he was eminent for coming in third spot in his group.
  • Recent Events: Jann participated in the 2024 Silverstone 500 round of the British GT Championship and the May 2023 Super Taikyu Series event at the Fuji 24 Hours.


Although there were rumors that the British professional race car driver Jann Mardenborough was dating fashion designer Sophie Hulme, she is currently single. Sophie, known for her lavishness travel bags, expected to close her business in light of clinical issues. Jann has had a ton of progress changing from virtual hustling to genuine world motorsports, completing third at the 24 Hours of Le Monitors and contending in the FIA World Perseverance Title. He has proceeded with his devotion to the game by partaking in striking dashing occasions lately.


Is Jann Mardenborough married?

No, Jann Mardenborough is not married and is currently single.

Sophie Hulme is who?

Rich purses and accessories are among the designer Sophie Hulme’s most famous creations. Rumors surfaced in 2018 suggesting she was seeing Jann Mardenborough.

What became to Sophie Hulme’s company?

Sophie Hulme closed her fashion business due to a rare medical condition that required her to focus on her health and family.

What are Jann Mardenborough’s recent racing activities?

Jann competed in the Super Taikyu Series’ Fuji 24 Hours round in May 2023 and the English GT Title’s Silverstone 500 round in 2024.

What have been Jann Mardenborough’s vocation features?

2011 saw Jann Mardenborough win the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy competition, and in 2013 he finished third in his class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In addition, he has won Super Recipe and the FIA World Perseverance Title.

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